I’ve got the football bug…

I don’t know about you but my World Cup fever is finally beginning to wane…well, just a wee bit. I am not the world’s greatest football (read: “soccer” for my fellow Americans) fan. I never watch the Swedish Football League matches. I think they are incredibly boring. When I am in Italy, I never watch those matches either. Why? Same reason–boring. But give me the European championships or World Cup and I’ll pick my favourite teams and scream and cheer with the best of them.

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This year, my favourite team, Italy, didn’t fare well. Still, my love for Gli Azzurri reigns. I know, I should have been cheering for Team USA–and I did! I was so happy that we did as well as we did this year, but I was convinced the Italians would make it to the final and bring the trophy home to Rome again–just like they did the very first time I was ever in Rome. I still have fond memories of that trip and it’s mostly because of how great the Romans where as they celebrated the return of their team.

Now that Italy and the US are out, I am not sure who to cheer for. The Swedish team didn’t even qualify for World Cup, so I can’t cheer for them. I like the Dutch team but Robben is making it hard for me to cheer for them because he is crying wolf too much with all his exaggerated “falls”. C’mon, Robben, then Dutch team has always been renowned for playing honourable football, so get with the program! I could cheer for Germany, but the games are always boring. You know they are going to win… And the Brazilian team… I used to love the Brazilian football team. Now, they’re just not doing it for me.

Tord just told me he misses the Biter (Uruguay striker Luis Suarez) but we can always  giggle about how he inspired a nipple clamp. Maybe I should add this to one of my novels. It could be amusing. We can all laugh about it now, but you do have to wonder what’s going on in Suarez’s mind when he thinks biting someone is no big deal. At least he finally apologised to Giorgio Chiellini, though it took him long enough.

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Chiellini is much nicer than me. But then again, I am a grumpy Capricorn, so I hold grudges. I am trying to learn not to do so. But it isn’t easy.

Well, I will watch the final. As I write this post, I am watching the Netherlands-Costa Rica match. It’s in overtime and the score is *still* 0-0.  How will I survive when World Cup is over? I hadn’t even planned on watching it. I guess I will have more time to work on my next novel. 😉


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  1. Chiellini is a better person than I am. If somebody rolls up on me from behind and bites me nonconsensually on international television, I would have a problem with that person for a long while. But I admit that I’ll cling to a grudge like a life preserver. (I’m a Scorpio.)

    What a great post!

    • Thanks, Alexa! Heheh! Who knew Capricorns and Scorpios were both grudge holders. Maybe everyone is–my dad was a Virgo and he was a major grudge holder. There are some people who say Suarez was on an adrenalin high–I say he needs mental help. He should see a therapist about biting people. He’s not Hannibal a la Mads Mikkelsen. 😉

      • Yeah, Suarez seemed a little confused on the whole why-you-ought-not-to-bite-people-nonconsensually thing. I’m not convinced he understands that he even did it! Definitely a candidate for some counseling. 🙂

      • Lol! All he needs to do is look at that photo of him, sitting on the pitch and holding his teeth. 😉 And yes, he needs some serious counselling. 😉

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