Praise for Maybe Baby

“Sometimes, the wrong thing is the right thing to do. Love doesn’t always come in neat, tidy packages and Laney learns a lot about herself on her journey to following her heart. I’ve owned this book for less than 24 hours and I’ve already read it twice. Kim Golden is officially on my ‘must buy’ list!”

“This book was sweet and to the point. Telling women not to settle for less. Nicke wanted Laney her to claim his kids as hers which was wrong she deserves to experience motherhood if that is what she desires. He couldn’t have anymore kids so she fell head over heels in love with Mads can’t wait for the next book.”

“This was a really great story. It had me captivated from the beginning to the end. The story began with Laney and Nicklas returning home from the States to Sweden and you immediately get an idea that all is not well in the relationship. The development of the story was really good and allow you the reader to get emotionally involved. This is a story about life and love and sometimes finding our destiny in the process. I am so rooting for Laney and Mads…yep, Mads!”

“…The rich storytelling is woven in a beautiful manner with first person narrative, and the reader can really feel the pain of Laney while she is struggling to discover herself and what really matters in life. The story stayed with me long after I had stopped reading. The author knows how to make an impact with readers and connect them to the characters in a delightful way that allows them to watch the story unfold as if they are witnessing events firsthand. A great book that is highly recommended!”

“Maybe Baby is a story every women can identify with. Laney is at crossroads in her life trying to find a good relationship that fits her heart and her life. Everyone of us has found ourselves in that place. I want to find my Mads!”

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