Waiting For It: Are Erotic Romances Rushing to Sex?

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I loved Alexa Day’s post on when sex is too soon in erotic romance. Now it’s got me thinking…when is it too soon? And have I been guilty of having my characters get it on too soon? What do you think?

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By Alexa Day

Last week, I got to hang out with a colleague of mine for burgers and beer. After the Pro Bowl ended and before we started talking about whether Tom Brady’s balls were indeed perfect, we chatted for a moment about our writing.

Okay. Mostly, she indulged me as I complained about one of my pet peeves: erotic romances where the hero and heroine have sex too soon. Way too soon. Like within the first 15 pages. This is not the awkward near-miss that might have been sex or mere sexual thoughts or something like that. This is the hero and heroine having sex before I’ve really gotten comfortable with them.

It’s not so much that I object to sex between strangers in my romances. I’m a firm believer in the “slutcelebratory” romance, after all. I guess my issue with sex so soon is that I don’t know…

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Happy Birthday to me!

Image Credit: Sebastien Millon

Image Credit: Sebastien Millon

Oh my…it’s my birthday! So what am I going to do today–besides write? Well, I’m going to get a haircut, look into airline ticket prices for going to Matera in June, look into airline tickets for my next US trip (still not sure which month, but feeling a tad bit homesick) and then I’ll be in revising/editing mode for a while. I’m thinking of revamping the format of my newsletter too.

If this were a perfect world, I’d be writing this message from a beach on Mauritius or some other tropical paradise, but I’m still in Stockholm, where at least the sun is shining today even if the temperature is far from tropical. Maybe next year. ;)

Last night, while I was revising, I realised that I wanted to expand the penultimate chapter of Maybe Forever. I am going to experiment with it today. I have it ending while they are still in Florida–but perhaps I should take them back to where they started, back to Copenhagen. Will give it a shot and see how it feels. I also worked a bit on Maybe Tomorrow, so we’re making progress.

That’s it but let’s have a little fun with Game of Game of Thrones…just so we can get a glimpse of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, my inspiration for Mads. ;)

My Top Ten Books of 2014

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Happy New Year, everyone! I woke up this morning to news that Maybe Baby was one of the best books of 2014, according to Musings of an IR Romance Junkie! Thanks so much! I’m in great company! :D

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Top-10-Defined-Contribution-ArticlesI was having a convo with some friends on Facebook last night, and we were talking about all these high profile romance top 10 lists for 2014. Notsurprisingly, there wasn’t a single interracial or African-American romance on the list. You can ask yourself why, but deep down we know why even if we don’t want to admit it…

With that being said, I thought long and hard about what my top 10 would look like. I’ve literally read hundreds of books this year, and this was a relatively easy decision. My criteria was simple:

  1. Enjoyment factor
  2. Good plot
  3. Actual romance (okay, sex dammit)
  4. Likeable characters (even the assholes)
  5. Re-readable (muy importante!)

So I give you my Top 10 Romances of 2014 (in no particular order):

So there you have it! These are my top 10 books of 2014, and I have a shitload of honorable mentions. Who is in…

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2015, I’ve got my eye on you.

Ryan Goslng New Year I know this is that time of year when I’m supposed to post about how I reached all of my publishing/writing goals and tell you how great I am and make you think I am super-organized/ambitious/fill-in-the-blank. But…I’m not going to do that.

Why? Because it’s boring. Instead, I thought my buddy Ryan and I would simply wish you a happy new year and let you know that we’ve got some great things planned for 2015.

Initially, I had this really witty post planned, but I’ve been ill with the weirdest cold/flu/whatever-this-is since 17 December and my brain is still not quite unfuzzed from all the cold medicine I’ve had to take to facilitate sleeping and not coughing myself to death. So that essentially means this will be a meandering post. ;)

But anyway, 2015…I’m looking forward to finishing some projects I started in 2014–namely Maybe Tomorrow and my NaNo2014 novel, Maybe Forever. You may remember that Maybe Tomorrow follows Eddy’s path to new love and Maybe Forever picks up Laney and Mads’s story, four years and two kids later. I spent most of Christmas revising Maybe Forever. There are still some scenes that need to be added, but soon it will be ready to be sent to beta readers.

Maybe Tomorrow ‘s draft should be ready to send to beta readers and an editor by mid-January. I’ve already got a cover for it, designed by the insanely talented Arijana K. at Cover It! Designs. I don’t remember if I’ve shared it with you already…hmm. Soon then. I think you’ll love it as much as I do. Arijana’s working on the cover for Maybe Forever as well. :)

Someone asked me if there would be more Laney and Mads stories once I finish Maybe Forever. I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it. There will be a short story about Jesper, Niklas’s son (remember him? He showed up at Laney and Mads’s apartment in Maybe Tonight). I’ve also got some ideas for stories in the Snowbound universe. I’ve got a few other ideas up my sleeve. ;)

So tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and then a few days after that it’s my birthday. One of the first thing’s I’ll do to start off the new year is send my donations to Girls Write Now, Stockholms Stadsmission and Covenant House. This year has been sluggish compared to last year, but I think we’ll still be able to make good-sized donations to all three charities.

Well, that’s it for today’s post. I am in the mood to write fiction, so off I go! Happy New Year, everyone! And thanks for your support! :D

Maybe Baby – All Romance Ebooks

Just a little note to tell you that you can now find Maybe Baby (in epub, mobi and PDF) on All Romance Ebooks’ website. Here’s the link:

Maybe Baby – All Romance Ebooks.

In the coming days, I’ll be adding Maybe Tonight, Choose Me and Snowbound there as well.

It might be a tad bit silent here for a while–my Christmas vacation officially started yestrday. I’m planning on being excessively lazy. :)

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! :)



A Goodreads giveaway of signed paperbacks of Maybe Baby? You got it!

webgoodreadsThe Christmas spirit must be getting to me–it is Third Advent, lights are twinkling in every window and Christmas isn’t too far off…I have this sudden urge to give away three signed paperbacks of Maybe Baby and I’m doing it through Goodreads.


All you have to do is click here and enter the giveaway.

No trivia questions to answer, no scavenger hunt, just use the link and enter to win. Winners will be picked on 3 January. And why that date? Because it’s my birthday and, as far as I am concerned, it’s an international holiday. This giveaway is open to *everyone*! So no matter where you are in the world, you can enter and if you win you’ll receive your signed copy directly from me. :)

The giveaway starts today and ends on 3 January–so head over to Goodreads and give it a shot. You never know–you just might be one of the lucky winners!

Color of Love Blog Hop 2014


I am so excited to be able to be a part of the second annual Color of Love Blog Hop. As I writer of interracial/multicultural women’s fiction, it thrills me that so many people are beginning to discover the stories we tell and understand that love comes in many different colors–and not just what’s considered “mainstream”.

I first began writing IR/MC stories when I was in high school. Back then I wrote them for myself–in the late 1980s you were hard pressed to find many IR titles on the shelves of B.Dalton, Borders and Waldenbooks. The titles you found were bodice rippers about buxom blondes being kidnapped by Native American warriors or sheikhs and falling in love. But what about stories featuring nonwhite heroines falling in love with men from different racial or cultural backgrounds? Well, I never found any, so I started writing them myself and sharing them with my classmates.

webgoodreadsFlash forward to March 2014: I published my second IR/MC novel, Maybe Baby, which started off as a NaNoWriMo project. Maybe Baby‘s black heroine, Laney, is an expat American living in Stockholm, Sweden with her affluent Swedish boyfriend, Niklas. They’ve been together for a little over five years and she feels like something is missing from their relationship–she wants to start a family with him. But when Niklas announces that he had a vasectomy before he even met Laney, she realises she’ll never be able to have a family with him–at least, not the traditional way. So–at the advice of a friend, she goes to Copenhagen to check out an alternative fertility clinic where she’ll be able to meet potential sperm donors face-to-face. What Laney isn’t expecting is to make an instant connection with a handsome Danish furniture maker called Mads. And when that connection leads to them embarking on an affair, she’s forced to question everything about her life with Niklas…and if it’s the life she really wants to lead.

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And now for the giveaway! 

Five great prizes are yours for the taking–

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 Check out all the titles up for grabs and the list of all participating blogs here.

And now to the giveaway…

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Good luck and thanks for joining us! :)

December is a month of giving

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 06.37.26

It started with my parents…

When I was younger, my parents instilled in me the importance of helping those in need. We donated clothing to local shelters, we collected toys for Toys for Tots, donated money to local charities, volunteered at soup kitchens. It made me appreciate what I had, it made me realise that I was not the centre of the universe and that being a good person didn’t simply mean smiling and being friendly or respectful. It also meant showing generosity whenever I could.

Back when I first started my book review site, I decided I would incorporate my desire to help local charities while I was spreading the word about books I enjoyed. I later continued the tradition once I started self-publishing.

So what does any of this mean to you?

Well, for the entire month of December, my Month of Giving, I will be trying to raise money for three charities: Stockholms Stadsmission, which helps the homeless and at-risk women and children; Covenant House, an organisation that helps homeless youth across North America; and Girls Write Now, a US-based organisation that helps empower inner-city girls via the written word.

For every book I sell during the month of December, I will donate 50% of the proceeds to these charities.If you’ve already read my books and liked them, consider giving a copy of one of my titles to friends and family members who share your taste in books as Christmas or Hanukkah presents. Or support the charities directly if you prefer. All that matters is we help those in need.

And since they say it’s better to give than to receive and that Christmas is the time for giving, let’s do what we can to help in any way  that we can.

NaNoWriMo 2014? Done!




I did it! :D I finished NaNoWriMo 2014 at 2AM this morning. The novel is by no means complete–I still have two chapters to finish–but I reached 50K and the first draft of Maybe Forever is nearly done. I should finish these last chapters by Sunday evening. :)

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 01.58.44

I’m aiming for a 2015 release for both Maybe Tomorrow and Maybe Forever, so now the editing process begins. :)