A mini addition to the Maybe Baby world

Maybe Tonight Cover for WPI’m so happy that Maybe Baby is finally live for Kindle. I was hoping it would be live for Kobo today, but it’s taking a bit more time. The paperback version is already available via CreateSpace and will soon be available for purchase from Amazon. Nook version coming soon too.

And while I was at it this weekend, I also published an e-short called Maybe Tonight. I originally wrote it when I was planning on having alternating points of view in Maybe Baby. But I soon realised Maybe Baby was Laney’s story. So Maybe Tonight gives you a glimpse into Mads’s life and what he’s thinking just before and just after he meets Laney.

So far, Maybe Tonight is only available for Kindle, but it will soon be available for Kobo and Nook as well.

If you’ve already purchased and read Maybe Baby, thanks so much! If you enjoyed it, please consider writing a review and posting it on Goodreads, Amazon, Kobo, etc.

Your support means the world to me! 🙂

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