The Soundtrack of Mads and Laney’s Lives

A little inspiration
A little inspiration

I am one of those writers who needs music when she writes. Every writing project gets its own Spotify playlist. Snowbound had its playlist of music that captured Jake and Mia’s moods as well as the holiday spirit. The same is true for Maybe Baby.

When I first began writing Laney’s story, music played a huge part of helping me stay motivated. I ended up with two playlists–the Nanowrimo 2012 playlist and the Revision playlist. The more I wrote and revised, the playlists grew. And then two more playlists were born–one for Laney and one for Mads. You can find both of them below. But while I was revising, a song I knew I had to include in Laney’s soundtrack was Lianne La Havas and Willy Mason’s “No Room for Doubt”–a hauntingly beautiful song that captures that feeling of longing, of regret, of wanting more. It really captures a lot of how Laney feels.

Now as I consider writing a continuation of Laney’s story, I think another soundtrack or playlist will begin taking form. What music will she listen to as she continues learning to navigate her life in Copenhagen? And there’s another project that I’ve started plotting–this one told from the point of view of Laney’s cousin Eddy and what happens when she has a Danish surprise of her own. That’s definitely a soundtrack in the making.

Laney’s Playlist

Mads’ Playlist

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