It should be our day every damn day

Shouting out to all the women in the house

Happy International Women’s Day.

It should be our day every damn day.

Women’s history shouldn’t be limited to the month of March. Women have been out here making history every damn day for as long as anyone can remember.

Just like Black history shouldn’t just be limited to February. Our history is history and should be taught every damn day.

To all the women who’ve inspired me

I’m saying thank you to all the women in my life who’ve pushed me to challenge myself, who’ve encouraged me to ignore the barriers that others have set up.

I think most of you know how much you’ve inspired me. A few have definitely NOT inspired me but that’s for another story.

Don’t be upset if your name isn’t listed here. There are just too many to list. But to the relatives, writers, musicians, artists, etc who’ve always inspired me… thank you.

Keep fighting the good fight

Yes, our work is never done. We need to keep fighting for pay equity, mandated paid parental leave, our reproductive rights (that’s right – you don’t want to have an abortion or take birth control, then don’t! But YOU DO NOT have the right to stop the rest of us from doing what feels right for US), ALL our freedoms… keep fighting for them – even the freedoms you think you don’t need.

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