My unpopular opinion: I’m so tired of reboots and superhero films

Is it just me or is anyone else getting sick and tired of TV shows and movies about zombies or superheroes?

Maybe it’s just me. Everyone else seems to love discussing the pros and cons of Marvel versus DC (big yawn for me). I don’t get excited about yet another superhero reboot. Or any reboot, for that matter. In fact, I am so damn sick of them.

What I want is a good original drama that sucks me in, with flawed characters who infuriate me at the same time as I fall in love with them. I don’t care about another Superman or Batman movie.

Darius and Nina from Love Jones (Photo: the Criterion Collection)

Maybe it’s because I fell in love with films like Letter to Brezhnev, Cinema Paradiso, Bladerunner, Something New or Love Jones. And all of those films had what the writer in me loved: character development, a journey to follow, and something mysterious and beautiful that kept you hooked from start to finish. And I just don’t get that same joy from all of these reboots. I want something original. I want something that makes me think and feel. I want all the feels and I don’t get it from Marvel, DC or yet another zombie show or movie.

No zombie, no cry

Richonne and Rick – the only reason I kept watching The Walking Dead. (Photo: AMC)

The only reason I continued watching The Walking Dead was Richonne and Rick. Once they were gone, I stopped watching. And, as much as I love Pedro Pascal, I lost interest in The Last of Us after his daughter died in the first episode.

Can’t turn off my my suspension of disbelief

One of the few zombie films I can tolerate: 28 Days Later.

I can’t turn off my suspension of disbelief to get into zombie movies. The last zombie film I enjoyed was 28 Days Later.

I used to love them.

Now? Nope…not so much.

If you give me something like Children of Men, Belle, or Twelve Years a Slave, you’ve got me hooked.

I just have no interest in superheroes these days. Which is a bit sad, considering I used to love them.

Give me flaws, people who fuck up

Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb as Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungeon in Alex Cox’s Sid & Nancy

So, yeah…if you want me to fall in love with your film, please give me something that is NOT a reboot or a Marvel versus DC thing or even something from the Star Wars universe – unless we continue John Boyega‘s character’s story and find out what actually happened to him and how he grew. I want an original story. And I want characters that think, feel and grow. Give me someone like Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious in Sid & Nancy.

Idris Elba as Luther in the BBC series Luther. (Credit: BBC)

Or Christian Bale in pretty much *any* role he plays. I can even tolerate him as Batman. Or Idris Elba as Luther because, no matter how awful he may be at the time, he makes you feel something.

Well…one man’s meat is another man’s poison. If you like superhero and zombie films and shows, great.


All I know is that I am tired of them.

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