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What Kim’s Watching – Christmas movies and Harry & Meghan

Now that it’s finally December, I’ve embarked on my annual tradition of my Christmas movie bonanza. This usually means watching Elf, the Family Stone, the Preacher’s Wife, the Holiday, Last Holiday, Scrooged, It’s a Wonderful Life and the Sound of Music. There are many other movies that I could add to this list such as Happiest Season and but these are the main ones. Along with these movies, I get caught up in Netflix and HBO Max’s selection of holiday movies such as Vanessa Hudgens’s The Princess Switch series (yes, I have watched all three).

This year, my Netflix and HBO Max holiday movies have been

  • Christmas Time Is Here – Cute movie starring Rukiya Bernard and Deshawne Williams – love the representation and the multi-cultural small town. I was especially charmed by the relationship between Nia (Rukiya Bernard) and her dad (Patrick Moore).
  • Falling for Christmas – Lindsay Lohan’s comeback which was predictable and charming…just as a Christmas movie should be!
  • Holiday Harmony – an unexpected setting and a fun story about a young woman trying to make it big in the music industry and how an alpaca and a van in need of repair could prevent from reaching her dream.
  • Christmas with You – How can you say no to a fun holiday movie with Aimee Garcia (loved her on Lucifer!) and Freddie Prinze Jr. (who’s been away from the big and little green way too long!)?

And there there’s my non-holiday watching.

Harry & Meghan on Netflix

Yes, I am watching Harry and Meghan’s docu-series on Netflix, and it is refreshing to hear them tell their story rather than the UK tabloids and the usual UK blowhards like Piers Morgan, Camilla Toominey, Angela Levin and Dan Wooton with their faux outrage and anonymous “palace sources” who don’t seem to know what they’re talking about.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I have been following Harry and Meghan for a while. You also know that my mom refers to them as her “other children.” As someone who is in an interracial marriage, I can relate to them. I also relate to the micro aggressions (and blatant racism) that they’ve been subjected to because I’ve been through similar situations.

I’m not one who usually watches this sort of thing but I can definitely recommend it. Especially if you’ve only read or heard the UK tabloid version of their story.

At least now you can hear it straight from the source.

So what else is going on?

I’m working on finishing a book. It’s one I started a while ago and set aside because of life. I really love this story and I can’t want to share it with you. Once I feel l like I have made significant progress, I promise to share it with you soon!

So, tell me – have you finished your Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/ holiday shopping? And what are you watching and reading this year? Share it with me in the comments! I am so curious!

Happy holidays!

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