What Kim’s reading: My Other Husband by Dorothy Koomson

It’s been a looooong time since I shared with you what I’m reading, so I’ve decided to bring back “What Kim’s reading” – so once a month, I will tell you about one of the books I’m reading and if I am way loving it…or not.

My Other Husband by Dorothy Koomson

I’ve been a fan of Dorothy Koomson‘s books for a very long time. I started reading her books when she was still writing romantic women’s fiction (which she always called “heart fiction” – and it totally fit what she was writing). A few years ago, she switched over to writing thrillers and they never disappoint.

Anyway, back in August, My Other Husband was released. Of course, I pre-ordered it but I had several other books in my TBR list that I’d promised myself I had to read before I let myself dive into it.

I am so glad that I waited.

Since I was in Matera, Italy for a weeklong brainstorming/writer’s retreat, I had plenty of time to enjoy immersing myself into My Other Husband and Cleo’s dilemma.

You see, Cleo’s divorcing her husband, Wallace…but she seems like she doesn’t really want to and we don’t know why. As the book unfolds, we find out that Cleo has not one but two husbands. And one of them has a penchant for violence.

Now Cleo’s a suspect in a string of murders that she knows she hasn’t committed. But coming clean means revealing secrets she thought she could keep hidden in the past.

Yes, it’s thrilling. Yes, I think you should definitely read it – especially now that it’s autumn and the days are getting shorter and we all love being a little scared.

Which is perfect this time of year.

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