Catching up with Kim

What’s been going on?

Yes, I know it’s been quiet here and there’s a reason for it: back in July the Swede and I came down with COVID, which meant we had to change our plans for our Coffee Roasters Tour of Skåne (which we will pick up on some other time). It knocked us out for a while. Luckily, I am double vaccinated and boosted, so my symptoms were mild…but the fever rushes… they were enough to leave me NOT wanting to move. It wasn’t fun.

I am glad it’s over.

I’m also glad I am double-vaccinated and boosted so that my symptoms weren’t worse!

I was back in Stockholm

I was on the faculty at Stockholm Writers Festival 2022

Once I was COVID-free, the Swede and I went to Earlier this month, I was in Stockholm for Stockholm Writers Festival and it was fantastic! What a great group of writers and publishing professionals. I was part of a panel discussion, Buttonhole the Experts session, breakout session on writing romance and a masterclass in succeeding in self-publishing. It was fantastic meeting the participants and getting to know the rest of the faculty. After three intense days, I returned to southern Sweden full of energy and a little hoarse from talking so much, but I loved it.

Soon in Matera again

La bella Matera (Photo by Giulia Gasperini on Unsplash)

The next couple of weeks are calm. I’ll be back at my day job but then at the end of September I’ll be heading to Matera, Italy to brainstorm new book ideas with Lisa Marie Rice, Shannon McKenna, Nancy Warren and a few other authors.

I can’t wait! I love going to Matera. It’s my home away from home, and I love getting together with everyone there to toss around and fine-tune new ideas.

Walking/running to take a stand against racism

I’m walking/running to fundraise

I’m fundraising for Black Girls Run! eRace Racism 2022. I committed to walking/running 50 miles and raising $300 by the end of August. I have around 15 miles to go but the fundraising part is lagging. I am committed to getting there, so please – if you can – donate to my fundraising goal.

Working on three new books

Yes, I am working on three new books. Hoping to have one of them done soon so I can share it with you. I promise to share details with you soon!

So, tell me… what are you up to?

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