How would you like to win an autographed copy of Maybe Forever?

MFI am so excited that Maybe Forever (the third part of the Maybe… series) is now available in paperback. In fact, I am so excited I am giving away three autographed copies.

So what do you need to do to be one of the lucky winners? Not very much. All you need to do is leave a comment for this post. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Tell me your favourite colour, tell me the name of the first person you ever kissed. Tell me if you think Jon Snow is really dead. Tell me which of my books is your favourite…tell me if you like meatloaf. See? You can tell me pretty much anything in your comment…

That’s it.

I will randomly pick three winners on Sunday, July 19th and announce them on my usual social media sites (here on my author site, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr).

This giveaway is open to international entrants.

So get cracking! The giveaway starts…NOW! Tell me something good! 🙂

7 responses to “How would you like to win an autographed copy of Maybe Forever?”

  1. Such a case of baby/work/dog/moving brain that all I can think of to tell you is that I think I accidentally left my wrist braces in the nursery just before the baby should be going down for her long nap. If I go get them, I’ll disturb the nap. If I don’t, she’ll nap for a loooong time, just cause I’ll have to work without them 😉

    (And so far, my favorite IS Maybe Forever! Though I’m looking forward to your sci-fi romance too…)

  2. My first comment got eaten! So I’ll just say this: lots of sympathy for Laney and the mom to a baby stage. Mine just went to sleep and I think I left my wrist braces in the nursery, which means I’m gonna have to work without them…kids these days 😉

  3. My favorite color is purple. Can’t remember the first person I ever kissed. Have no idea who Jon Snow is. Snowbound is my favorite Kim Golden book. Yes I like meatloaf, it is tonight’s dinner. Waiting for you to send an older Swede my way.

  4. Hi, first of all let me start by saying, Jon Snow better not be dead. He can’t be. Then again, they did kill the majority of his family in one episode, so I guess they could kill him. Still, I think he’s needed and will return as a white walker. But he’ll be a good one and help bring peace to the Kingdoms. And one other thing, I don’t think the hound is dead! Okay, rant over. 🙂
    -Monica Garry-Allen

  5. Hello Kim,

    This looks like it was a lot of fun. I’ve been off the grid a bit here since July 10th. Just soaking in the sights of parks, Niagara Falls, small towns, my family BBQs with my fiance who is here for 3 weeks! So we’re on vacation here where i live in Toronto. I don’t know if you care to know but I think Maybe Forever was such a gynormous treat. I love Laney and Mads and now Liv and Freya too. As I said before, Freya has squirmed her little yoga self into my favs. I felt guilty about that for a moment. The way you write really brings these characters to life. So amazing. Thank you. Fav colour: aqua blue First kiss : a boy named Paul Scott. I was on family vacation the summer before entering the 5th grade. Pretty hilarious. Jon Snow: Dead or Alive? Can’t answer All your books! Seriously they all have something different. I like meat loaf Hee hee what else? Can’t wait for Eddy and Henrik.

    Thanks. Lorraine aka Lolo

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