First update to Maybe Tonight? Uploaded a few minutes ago.

Maybe Tonight Cover for WPFor those of you who are following  my serial novella, Maybe Tonight, the first update was uploaded to Kobo and KDP a few minutes ago. It should be available by tomorrow and, as far as I know, it should update automatically. 🙂 Let me know if you have any problems. I’ll badger them. 🙂

I know I shouldn’t bother to follow reviews but a few people have complained that Maybe Tonight was “…just a summary of Maybe Baby“. I feel like it’s part of the same story–but it’s also Mads’s story. How could I not write about some of the same events since he experienced them?

So for those of you who are following the story, there will be chapters that overlap what you already know from Laney’s POV, but they’ll be told from how Mads sees them. You’ll also have chapters about events Laney doesn’t know anything about–because she was in Stockholm when they took place, and this is Mads’s story.

And–as I said from the very beginning–the updates will never cost you anything extra. All you pay is the 99 cents for the five initial chapters. After that, the rest is free. Still, there have been complaints and people returning the chapters after they’ve read them. They’ll miss out on the rest of Mads’s story while the rest of you will be able to follow it through to the end. 🙂


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