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So it’s New Year’s Eve, and what have I done?

NewYearsEveIt’s New Year’s Eve and, of course, I can’t help wondering how 2014 will be. I can’t say 2013 has been the best of years, but it certainly wasn’t the worst of years either.  I ended up getting a lot of things done this year. I spent most of the year being very focused as far as my writing is concerned. I can’t really complain, can I?


Some highlights of the year:

Some low points:

I hope 2014 will be an even better year. I have several things I want to publish–Maybe Baby A Little Night Music, Playing House and a couple of short stories or novelettes in the Maybe Baby “universe”.  Other things planned for 2014? Going to London for the London Author Fair, more brainstorming in Matera, maybe a trip to the US for a book festival. Mostly, I want this year to be a good writing year. I doubt the family drama situation will change; I guess I’ll have accept it as fodder for more books.

One thing I am definitely going to do in 2014 is treat myself to a weeklong writer’s retreat. There are two I am considering. One in France and one in the UK. Both sound amazing. I think I’m going to start taking yoga classes again. I could think through characters and plots while trying to hold yoga stances. And it felt great afterwards–that warm, languidness you get after a great yoga class.

So that’s it for me. Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks so much for sharing my self-publishing adventure and supporting me through your kind words and enjoying my writing. I hope you all have a wonderful 2014!

What have you got planned for 2014? 🙂


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